U-Pick-Em Bingo

With U-PIK-EM, players pick their own numbers instead of the random selection of numbers they would get with a pre-printed bingo face. Players often perceive the game as a lottery, picking their same "lucky" numbers each week. U-PIK-EM offers five different varieties to choose from.

Bingo Shutter Cards

offer a fun and inexpensive alternative to Hard Cards or Bingo Paper
and Daubers. Each card enables the user to slide the red Shutter Window
across each number as it's called. Light weight and portable, our Easy
Read Shutter Cards make any Bingo Game worth playing.

Shutter Cards
Tear-Opens Concealed Bingo Paper

Tear-Open are a unique folded and sealed type of bingo paper that prevent the face(s) from being seen until it is sold and "torn open." Because Tear-Opens are usually played as a larger jackpot game, they are a unique, fun way to increase profits for operators while providing excitement among the players.


Bingo Shirts and More!

Bingo Paper

Picnics, Bar Games, Family Functions: No daubers needed! Available in 1on, 3on and 4on cuts

Bingo Pattern Paper

Perfect for special game

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Black Light Bingo!

Brilliant, fluorescent bingo paper that glows under black lighting!

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