Maximize your Play Time and Stay Organized with a Bingo Tote

4th Nov 2014

Binge playing Bingo requires the right supplies for the job. Snacks are a must. You’ll need money to pay for the game cards and games to play. It would be silly to try and play without a dauber or chips. If you plan to play for any length of time, you’ll need back ups for the daubers and/or chips. A pad might be a good survival item to have with you for long stretches as most Bingo hall chairs aren't as cushy as your living room chairs or couch. You’ll need a drink and your glasses, if you wear some.

How will you carry all of this and stay organized so you can easily access your necessities during a game? A tote, of course. A Bingo tote will help you carry all of this and more. For you ladies, it can double as your purse too. There are special pouches for holding your extra daubers and a chip pouch to carry your chips so they can be easily accessed during the game. Allied Bingo carries a wide selection of totes in different patterns that will work for both men and women.

Don’t lose out on a Bingo buy carrying a grocery sack full of your BIngo equipment and supplies. Carry a tote and know where everything is at a second's notice. On the days where you plan to play for hours, don’t leave anything behind. Gather all your necessities and prepare your Bingo tote full of survival materials. Check in often to see our updated items in our inventory.