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Maximize your Play Time and Stay Organized with a Bingo Tote


Binge playing Bingo requires the right supplies for the job. Snacks are a must. You’ll need money to pay for the game cards and games to play. It would be silly to try and play without a dauber or chips. If you plan to play for any length of time, you’ll need back ups for the daubers and/or chips. A pad might be a good survival item to have with you for long stretches as most Bingo hall chairs aren't as cushy as your living room chairs or couch. You’ll need a drink and your glasses, if you wear some.

How will you carry all of this and stay organized so you can easily access your necessities during a game? A tote, of course. A Bingo tote will help you carry all of this and more. For you ladies, it can double as your purse too. There are special pouches for holding your extra daubers and a chip pouch to carry your chips so they can be easily accessed during the game. Allied Bingo carries a wide selection of totes in different patterns that will work for both men and women.

Don’t lose out on a Bingo buy carrying a grocery sack full of your BIngo equipment and supplies. Carry a tote and know where everything is at a second's notice. On the days where you plan to play for hours, don’t leave anything behind. Gather all your necessities and prepare your Bingo tote full of survival materials. Check in often to see our updated items in our inventory.

Part 2, Playing the Optimal Number of Bingo Cards

In our last blog, BINGO! How to Increase your Winnings, Part 1, we talked about seeking out establishments that have a good sized prize, how that award money is figured and what the best odds are for you to win. Oh, and having a lucky rabbit’s foot, if you prefer a lucky talisman.Another way you can [...]

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Be Green, Use Bingo Chips for Your Next Game

Throughout the years of people playing Bingo, since the early 1900s, in the United States, have used various items to mark their numbers when they were called. At the beginning of the game during the 1700s in Europe, beans were used to cover the numbers. That practice proceeded to be common until the plastic chips [...]

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You Loaded Up on Bingo Equipment and Supplies and are Excited to Learn the Lingo

Your friend talked you into coming with them to play some bingo, and you soon discovered you enjoyed it. You loaded up on bingo equipment and supplies and are excited to become a regular player. Now you need to do just a little bit of homework before you fully indulge in this wonderful game. Here [...]

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Holiday Themed Daubers Personalize your Bingo Playing Experience

A previous blog talked about the wide range of specialty and designer daubers in our stock of Bingo supplies. We also carry a line of holiday daubers. Fall colors and cooler weather are setting in, signalling that the fall and winter holidays are getting nearer. You may want to get holiday daubers to celebrate your favorite holidays of [...]

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Something to Think About the Next Time You Gather Your Supplies and Head Out to Play Bingo

You may view bingo quite simply as a source of entertainment or just a fun pastime, or perhaps a way to spend your free time and socialize. But bingo is much more than just a simple form of entertainment, it also provides cognitive benefits. This is something to think about the next time you gather [...]

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Bingo Supplies are Bought in Bulk to Ensure No Chances of Running Out of Markers

Bingo has been increasingly growing in popularity, especially with the younger crowd. Bingo halls around the world usually have no difficulty filling the seats for their games. Bingo supplies are bought in bulk to ensure no chances of running out of markers. Let it be known to the general population that there are many benefits [...]

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