Proper Posture Can Help your Bingo Game

11th Nov 2014

In a previous blog, I gave a few tips for maintaining good health while sitting and using your Bingo equipment to mark your cards, since it can involve sitting for long periods of time, affecting a player’s health. One of the tips shared was to maintain good posture. Posture isn’t only about looking good and having a lean figure, although it can help you look thinner. Your health depends on it. Having good posture has many benefits.

Your spine contains nerves that send messages to all parts of your body to help your body function properly. If those nerves are cut off from the spine being out of it’s natural position because of poor posture, it can cause seemingly unrelated health problems. It will also help with flexibility as all the muscles will be in the proper position to do their jobs and not stressed or bunched up. More seriously, poor posture can increase the possibility of vertebral fractures over time. Poor posture can compress organs and keep them from functioning well. Good posture can also help with breathing, concentration and thinking. So if you are trying to increase your chances of winning, this can help improve your Bingo game.

Sitting up straight can be easy if muscles are trained to do so. Good posture is when you sit or stand as if there is a string running from your rear (when sitting) or feet (when standing) all the way up through the top of your head. Your ears are over your shoulders, not in front. It requires muscles that are mainly in your core (your pelvic area, back and abdomen as well as your neck and shoulders). For some because of spinal conditions, proper posture is not possible. In this case, talk with a doctor and find the best posture for your frame. Just because Bingo involves sitting, doesn’t mean you can’t play, just be intentional about how you sit and move for good health.