Help your Bingo Game and Improve Posture

23rd Nov 2014

When playing Bingo, even if it’s for short periods of time, it is important to keep your body in a good position so you stay in optimal health. In the previous blog, I addressed upper posture and keeping the neck and shoulders in a good position, but also how to stretch them and help them relax them so the muscles will keep a good position. Other tips are in this blog series to maintain good health while playing and the benefits of good health and posture on increasing the odds of winning at your Bingo game.

Part of playing Bingo involves leaning over the cards while marking them. Don’t give yourself back pain from leaning over improperly. To maintain good posture and execute this motion, it involves having good core strength. The core involves all of the muscles in the trunk of your body, the abdomen, back and side muscles. Crunches are one popular exercise to strengthen your core, but it’s not effective in strengthening the core, only one set of muscles.

Elder Gym has a list of videos to help you strengthen your core. Bridge, pelvic tilts and leg extensions are all helpful and the videos walk you through each step and breathing while you do each exercise. If you’re not a senior citizen, but want good core exercises, this is still a good website with information that will benefit even beginners. Start to strengthen your core strength for the next time you lean over your Bingo equipment at the next game. Go for a win and don’t have back pain while doing it.