An Apple a Day Will Help you Stay Healthy When you Win Bingo

3rd Dec 2014

Staying healthy has a lot to do with what we eat. Although it take some effort, you can still be healthy when you’re playing Bingo for hours on end, which we all know is a great experience. Include some healthy snacks in with your Bingo supplies and equipment and it will help you feel better and be more alert as you fill your cards with dauber stamps.

Cut up an apple or orange and stick it in a container or baggie. These give you good sugars that your body can metabolize much better than processed sugar or artificial sweeteners in sodas.

Bring a water bottle you can refill. If you like lemons, limes or oranges, put a couple slices in there. They help with detoxifying the body while the water keeps you hydrated.

Include nuts in your snacks. Nuts are rich in protein and the brain needs protein to work properly. Walnuts are a great food that are high in Omega-3s which is an oil that also helps brain function, among other health benefits.

If you need to drink caffeine, limit the sugary drinks or drinks with artificial sweeteners. Try drinking tea or coffee plain instead of loaded with sweeteners.

Cut up veggies and bring a dip to enjoy between games.

If you don’t like these foods or they seem too plain or bland, that’s okay. It’s been said that you can learn to like a new taste after being exposed to it 10–15 times. This sounds like a lot, but it doesn’t take drinking an entire cup of tea 15 times, just exposures.These foods and drinks will help you stay full feeling for longer also and don’t require much effort for preparation. They will help you stay focused and help keep your energy up while you play Bingo. Read here for more information on winning at being healthy while you win at Bingo.