A Few Moves to Improve Your Posture or your Bingo Game

16th Nov 2014

As we talked about it the previous blog, proper posture has many benefits. It is very important for good health, but it can also help your game and your chances of winning. If posture is something you struggle to have, either because of years of poor posture, an injury or because of another condition, it is easy to strengthen muscles to help you improve your posture.

Tuck your chin moving only your head. With your ears over the mid-line of your shoulders, you should feel relief at the base of your skull and a stretching in the muscles on either side of the spine in the neck. Why do you want to do this exercise? Having a head-forward position takes the natural curve out of your neck and puts strain and stress on your neck, shoulders and upper back. It can cause headaches and can cut down on breathing as the lungs are compressed from having rolled shoulders.

Roll your neck and shoulders often. This will help release the muscles in the neck and shoulders. Be gentle and slow, feeling all the muscles give over to relaxation. Roll one side back, then the other side back then switch to rolling them forward. Don’t strain or push too far or too fast.

Take a few minutes every day and do these exercises. Be intentional about having good posture and you will see and feel the results, not only in daily life, but in your Bingo game as well. Keeping good posture is great during a Bingo game, but not if you run out of dauber ink. Shop Allied Bingo to find all your Bingo equipment and supplies.